24 Hours in Birmingham

12 April 2017

Birmingham is probably one of my favourite places for shopping! It's insane around the Grand Central with a lot of shopping districts and malls. One of the most famous is Bullring.

There are tons of shops and brands that everyone's familiar with. I especially liked the TOPSHOP store - which is huge! I swear my plan was to do sightseeing but I just could not help spending more time in shops. *guilty

Beautiful view out of our hotel

Not far from the central, you will find the Selfridges Building (left), which is the landmark of Birmingham. Opposite and in sharp contrast, is the historic St Martin's Church. The futuristic building is part of the Bullring Shopping Centre and houses Selfridges Department Store.

St Martin's Church

It was a quick day, basically just walking around the Grand Central. I do hope to come back again to discover (and shop) more!

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