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7 August 2019



Switzerland had always been on my bucket list especially Zermatt - the home of Matterhorn! Zermatt is one of the prettiest towns in Switzerland and I highly recommend you to visit this place during your Switzerland trip.

In June during my Switzerland trip, I had the chance to stay in this BEAUTIFUL hotel called Schlosshotel Zermatt. It's a luxury 4-star superior hotel which promises to provide you a home away from home. Let's go through how my stay went and I'm sure you'll fall in love with this gem.

Every corner surrounding Schlosshotel is picturesque!

Their very cosy hotel lobby

Lobby. Loved the cosy feeling of the entire hotel.


Trust me this hotel has the best location in town. It's located right outside of the Zermatt main train station. It's especially convenient for you to travel to/from other cities. As you know Zermatt is a car-free town which only allows electric buggies and bicycles, so walking is the best option if you don't have a bicycle or a buggy. It really saved us a lot of hassle when the hotel is just 50-m away from the train station. Even if you don't feel like walking that 50-m, the hotel is always ready to provide a complimentary buggy service. When we arrived from Zurich on the first day, the hotel's buggy was already waiting for us at the train station.

Their very friendly staff helping with our bags when we arrived.

Other than this, the hotel is also located right next to the Gornergrat Bahn (Gornergrat railway station). This is where all the tourists board the mountain railway all the way up to see the Matterhorn!

The best thing is, even though our room balcony was facing the Gornergrat railway station, there was no issue of noises or whatsoever. And what we loved most was the perfect view of the Matterhorn from our room.

Schlosshotel is located right next to the Gornergrat Bahn. And from our room we could see the Matterhorn!

The main district of Zermatt is also right at the doorstep. Everything (supermarkets, shops, souvenir stores and restaurants) was nearby. We didn't have to worry about getting groceries. Super convenient!

Our Room

There are many room types in Schlosshotel ranging from single rooms, double rooms, suites, triple rooms to apartments which can fit up to 8 guests. I really loved the concept of different design in every room. If you notice my pictures showing the outside of the hotel, you can find elegant modern rooms and also wooden rustic rooms. It's definitely something fresh compared to those usual hotels with standardized rooms without personal touch.

This trip, I was genuinely honored to be offered the Luxury Suite. Just like its name, it was elegant, luxurious and as huge as 80m². The suite is composed of

  • a big living room with fireplace (perfect for winter)
  • an ultra-modern kitchen with literally everything (we'll come to that)
  • a dining area
  • a balcony with a view of the Matterhorn
  • separate bedroom
  • a laundry room
  • bathroom with a bathtub, bathrobe and slippers
It literally felt like 'home away from home'.

Living room with fireplace

Washing machine and a dryer!

Talking about the kitchen, I was impressed that they provided almost everything! It's very rare for me to see a hotel kitchen being so well-equipped. I'm so glad I brought some groceries from home so we could cook meals and minimize eating out. This kitchen was perfect for us and we cooked every night! Basically, in the kitchen you will find a microwave, oven, induction stove, kettle, toaster, coffee-making machine, dishwasher (!!), wine glasses, bowls, plates, cups, cooking utensils, pots and complete cutleries for your formal dinners. 😦 I need this kitchen in my house.

Ultra-modern cabinet for keeping cookware!

Woah. I can't even tell which is for what.

Induction stove, oven, and dishwasher!


Tea coffee making machine


The hotel doesn't look too big from the outside but surprisingly they are quite complete with good facilities. My favourite is their heated indoor swimming pool (pleasant 28-30℃ water temperature) with integrated jacuzzi beds. It's especially nice to just chill and relax here after a day of mountain hiking in the cold.

Right next to the pool you will find a steam room and also a lounge with reclining chairs.

Lounge area overlooking the pool

Other than that, there's also a gym room in the hotel.

For ladies, a good news is that they provide beauty treatments too other than body massages! There are many types of facials, eyelash and brow treatments, waxing, manicure and pedicure, and self-pampering body treatments! The services they provide here are probably more comprehensive than the usual salons you visit back home. After some intense outdoor exercise you will probably be desperate for one of these treatments to revitalize yourself!

During my stay, I was invited to try out one of their body massages. It was so soothing and relaxing especially with the fragrant oil they used.

Me having body massage while the bf was busy making dinner for us back in the suite haha!

Food & Drink

There's one big dining area next to the hotel lobby and they serve only breakfast. Totally loved the rustic design and homely feel of the entire space. Look at these pictures and you will understand what I'm talking about.

Their buffet breakfast was what I was looking forward to every morning! On the first morning, I just randomly tried one cereal out of the many choices and I immediately fell in love with it. I had to approach their staff asking what kind of cereal that is, turned out that it was this crisp cereal brand originated from Switzerland. Thanks to the breakfast here I discovered my favourite cereal (but too bad I can't find it here back home)!

Other than cereals, of course you will find freshly baked pastries, croissants, doughnuts, house-made breads and rolls, cold cuts, salads, fruits, cheese, hot items and more.

In the afternoon, there's also a tea-time session in the lounge where you can enjoy tea or coffee.

In the evening if you feel like some drinks, there's also a bar at the lobby that runs until 11pm (in winter until 1am).

My favourite cereal!

A bar for you to enjoy drinks in the evening.

Final Thoughts

This is the hotel you need in Zermatt. It has everything, it has the best location, it has the best view of the Matterhorn. What I loved most is the laid-back vibe, their personal touch and friendliness of every hotel staff members. It was so different from the usual hotels (especially big chained-brand hotels) I have stayed in where everything was standardized and inflexible. From time to time, we would see familiar faces in the hotel that made us feel a warm sense of belonging. Whenever we needed assistance, their staff would be always ready to help.

Will I recommend to stay here? Definitely yes.


Disclaimer: This hotel stay was sponsored by Schlosshotel Zermatt. All views are my own.

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