Hotel Review | II Piccolo Polpo Hotel 迷路小章魚 民宿

4 March 2019



墾丁迷路小章魚 民宿

During my trip to Taiwan in December 2018, I decided to stay in II Piccolo Polpo Hotel 迷路小章魚 which is located in Nanwan 南灣, Kenting. For those who know how to read Chinese, isn't that the cutest hotel name? It literally means 'Lost Little Octopus'.

迷路 has a total of 3 beautiful hotels in Kenting:

  • II Piccolo Polpo Hotel 迷路小章魚 - 'Lost little octopus'
  • Casa Aperta 迷路為了看花 - 'Getting lost for seeing flowers'
  • Casa Ostia B&B 聽著海聲迷路 - 'Getting lost with the sound of ocean'

Why do they call it 迷路 (getting lost)? The owner believes that getting lost doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing - it could be something that will lead you to beautiful things in life. I definitely had a great time 'getting lost' in their hotels.

Thanks to the hotel staff WeiBo 微波 for waiting for us to check in that day. She's one of the loveliest girls I met in Taiwan - bubbly, full of energy and so eager to help. She provided us with a map and tips on what to see and do in Kenting, besides offering to help us arrange for scooter rental. I could immediately feel the warmth and friendliness of the hotel.

We checked into a beautiful clean room on the 3rd floor facing the sea. Too bad it was already dark I couldn't see the view yet, but I was loving every bit and corner of the room. Shibby especially loved the Marshall loudspeaker he wouldn't stop playing music throughout our stay.

The room and its deco gave me a soothing Mediterranean feel, and I especially liked that big bathtub! This room would be perfect for couples who want to spend a romantic holiday near the beach in Kenting.

Seaview room on the 3rd floor of II Piccolo Polpo Hotel

迷路小章魚 民宿

Marshall loudspeaker in every room!

Fun bath times before bed!

Waking up to blue sky and ocean in front of your balcony is the best feeling ever! Oh can time just cease so I can fully indulge in this moment for a little longer?

Oh did I tell you that the room comes with a balcony for you to just relax and chill in front of the ocean?

Waking up to this view

Room balcony

Sea view from our room

Before it's too late, let's go for breakfast! (Got too attracted to the room and its view that I almost forgot that breakfast was going to be over soon!)

In fact, this hotel originally started with a bistro before they decided to make it a hotel+bistro. Their open kitchen made it a very unique experience for us. Watching your meal being created from start to finish was really interesting.

As expected, everything was good especially their handmade bread, which goes perfect with their French butter! I loved their fruit smoothie too.

A little bar next to the open kitchen in II Piccolo Polpo Bistro, located on the ground floor

Breakfast that comes with bread, appetizer and a main course!

Shibs and I loved it so much here we wish we stayed here longer! If you're looking for a quaint cosy stay in front of the sea in Kenting, this is the perfect choice! And they are affordable. They have so many other room types for you to choose from.

If you're keen to look for a place away from all the tourists and enjoy peace in the midst of the lush mountain in Kenting with the best sunset/sunrise view, definitely check out Casa Aperta 迷路為了看花, located in Mountain Guan 關山. 

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