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4 March 2019




Since the first day of our Taiwan trip, Shibby and I had been anticipating for this day to come, as we would be staying in a hotspring hotel located in Beitou, which is near to Yangmingshan and famous for its hotspring!

After days of running around, we certainly deserved a good pamper. Thanks to Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou for offering me such a memorable stay to end my trip.

Coming out of Beitou station, we got on the free hotel shuttle which would bring us right to our hotel's door step. How convenient!

They provide complimentary shuttle services between hotel and

  • Beitou station 北投站
  • New Beitou Station 新北投站

Hotel shuttle from Beitou station

We were so excited to find ourselves heading uphill for a lavishing rejuvenating experience in Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou. It's a newly opened hotel located hidden away from the bustling cities, stood among the lush mountain forest landscape of Dan-Feng Mountains.

We were welcomed with the warm smiles of their staff at the entrance and counter. After the check-in procedure, one of the receptionists showed us to our room and explained all the features in detail. We were totally impressed by the hotel room we got. Shibby was jumping in joy as he always appreciates good hotels and resorts.

Deluxe Double

The room we got was Deluxe Double. And believe it or not, every room here in Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou has a private hotspring tub! This hotel was actually designed by a Japanese architect, which explains the simple and elegant Japanese style to every room. I also loved that they provided a pair of Japanese yukata for men and women. Totally put me in the mood for hot spring already!

Shibby was too tired and a bit sick (both of us), he fell asleep right away on the very comfortable bed after drinking a glass of warm 舒跑 as recommended by our previous lady host.


Here comes my favourite part - the hotel's dinner in Green Restaurant. After Shibby's nap, we went down to the ground floor to have our semi-buffet dinner. There was no line at all and we went straight in to the restaurant. We got to choose from the menu our main course. If it's not enough, there's a wide selection of food waiting for you at the buffet section - including seafood too! My favourite is the squid, so tasty! The dinner is a Chinese fusion cuisine and their chef exhibits Guangdong flavours to the fullest.

Have I also mentioned that I love their desserts too? Basically nothing from the dinner disappointed us!

Really delicious dessert!

Spa Treatment

Today all we wanted to do was to chill out and enjoy the hotel's facilities. I booked myself a spa treatment at Jing Spa located on the second floor. We were welcomed with hot essential oil towels and hot tea to help relax us. First, I had a consultation with the therapist. She made sure to understand my health conditions before customizing a spa treatment for me.

Welcome tea and towel
I was then brought into a single treatment room (while Shibby was waiting outside haha) where I was asked to change. The therapist also offered me choices of essential oils to choose for the treatment. Even though the treatment only lasted for 30 minutes, I almost fell asleep because the massage was really soothing and rejuvenating.

Private Hotspring

The hotspring has got to be the highlight of our stay.

On the first night, we were already so tired but we could not resist going for a dip in the hotspring. Shibby got so excited and jumped into the tub, and naturally stayed in there for a long time like he would in a pool, even though I warned him not to do that as it happened to me in Japan before when I got really dizzy after soaking in the hotspring for more than 10 minutes.

At the same time, I was taking a hot shower, ready to jump into the hotspring as well. It was really nice and soothing at first but I began to feel dizzy after just 5 minutes, so I immediately got out. I didn't enter the tub again as I was feeling nauseated, probably due to the full tummy after dinner.

Shibby did not want to get out until he finally started to feel dizzy. Sometimes the only way to learn is through the hard way. He was complaining and cold sweating on the bed for 10 minutes before he got better. *serves him right for not listening to my advise lol

But, one thing I noticed was, our skin felt so so so smooth right after the hotspring! Later I learned that white sulphur hotspring is the best for your skin. Not everywhere in Taiwan offers sulphur hotspring, which can only be found near volcanoes.

Yangmingshan National Park is the only park in Taiwan that has volcanic geography and sulphur hot springs. That explains why Beitou and Yangmingshan are paradise for hotsprings.

There are many other types of hotsprings in Taiwan like sodium carbonate springs, ferrous springs, and mud springs. Be careful when you book a hotspring place in Taiwan and watch out for fake hotspring water. You don't want to pay money for nothing.

From our failed first experience, we learned that you should:
  • never use the hotspring immediately after your meal as it will affect your digestion process
  • never jump into the hotspring tub without first showering your body with hot water
  • never stay in the hotspring for more than 5 minutes at one time
  • keep your hotspring water temperature below 40 degree Celcius
  • keep rehydrating yourself by drinking enough water
In Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou, there are three choices of water you can use. You can choose between spring water 溫泉, cold water (mountain water) 泉水 and hot water 熱水. This way, you can adjust the water temperature as you please. A cute duck thermometer is provided for you to keep an eye on the water temperature.

Another thing I really loved about this hotel is the mountain view and the greenery that you get to enjoy from the comfort of your room and spring tub. It was the icing on the cake.

This is the ideal kind of holiday where you only have time for relaxing, hotspring, massage, entertainment and games, good food, great sleep, and enjoying peaceful scenery. You will totally forget about all your worries being here.

In paradise looking at paradise

The cute duck thermometer for your spring water

Hotspring, chill, sleep, repeat.

Room Types

There are several different room types in Asia Pacific Hotel Beitou such as Superior Rooms, Japanese Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Suites - all with a private tub in each room!

If you are looking to experience only the hotspring without staying overnight, you can try their Outdoor Hotspring Room which is my favourite (looks Instagram-worthy)! Unfortunately they are not available for staying guests, only for walk-in customers who wish to use the hotel's hotspring. You can also choose the Japanese Hotspring Room as an alternative.

They have so many other room types to choose from.

Deluxe Room (They have one with two beds which can fit up to 4 guests!)
Japanese Room
Outdoor Hotspring Room for guests who wish to use only the hotspring


This hotel is actually Taiwan's first hotel setup with virtual reality experience spaces. On the first floor, there's this facility area called LOHAS World, which offers AR/VR experience game zone, table games, DIY classes, public hot spring, and a pool lounge.

Families with kids will definitely love this place. My favourite were the air hockey table game and the VR boxing game.

Table games 
VR football

AR 'Paint the Ocean' - where you get to draw your own fish and see it floating in the virtual ocean

Pool lounge

Public hotspring divided by men and women

This hotel definitely had the power to relax us and recharge our tired bodies. Both days we woke up feeling so refreshed. Shibby was happily telling me how well he slept these two nights. Usually he will wake up in the middle of the night, but these two nights he slept all the way through, which rarely happens. Maybe it was the super comfortable bed, or it could be the hotspring that relaxes his body.

Also, we magically recovered from our sickness. We're quite sure the hotspring must have helped! Either way, thanks to the hotel for giving us the perfect ending to our long Taiwan trip, and the best way to start our New Year 2019.

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