Hotel Review | Casa Aperta 迷路為了看花 民宿

4 March 2019




Casa Aperta is one of the 3 beautiful hotels of 迷路 in Kenting. I was privileged to be invited to both Casa Aperta and II Piccolo Polpo Hotel during my trip to Taiwan in December 2018.

Casa Aperta is located in Mountain Guan 關山 on another side of Kenting, far from the town center. It's isolated from all the tourists and city noises and you will be able to enjoy full peace in the middle of the mountain watching sunset/sunrise everyday. 

When checking in, my first impression was, this hotel looked huge compared to II Piccolo Polpo Hotel! It looked like a big villa with a swimming pool from the outside. Approaching the main door, I spotted a BIG husky lying comfortably on the floor. 

Without knowing how our room would look like at all, I was pleasantly shocked and surprised when I stepped into our room located exclusively on the top floor.

Entrance to our room in Casa Aperta

The next morning, we were gently awoken to the most beautiful sunrise by the sunlight seeping through our panoramic glass windows. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing the pink and purple sky right in front of my bed. And this is when I got to see our room in Casa Aperta properly for the first time!

This room totally reminded me of the cave house we stayed in Oia, Santorini. It was simply stunning! Our room type is Double Room with Seaview 海市蜃樓.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sunrise from the room

Double Room with Seaview 海市蜃樓

This room is a popular spot for wedding proposal.

With this room and panoramic mountain sea views, you will not feel like going anywhere else but staying in and enjoying your quality time with your loved one. And psst.. every corner is Instagram-worthy!

There are nice areas everywhere for you to relax. It's a perfect getaway place to escape the stressful city life. This hotel deserves your attention. If you plan to stay here, you need to spend at least 2-3 days in the hotel to fully enjoy yourself and appreciate its beauty.

Since it was winter when we came, the pool was closed. It would be nice to take your Instagram shots with the pool when you come in summer.

Reading area and restaurant

Meet the gorgeous husky!

This is also where you have breakfast. Love their open kitchen!

Pretty little corner next to the swimming pool

Perfect chilling area with seaview

My favourite time was the breakfast. I really loved the ambience of the whole common area + restaurant that you saw in my pictures earlier. And it felt really warm to watch them preparing and serving breakfast to every guest waiting at the table, with the husky lazying around in the background. It felt like home.

Their breakfast menu is different everyday. But one thing that never changes is their homemade bread, oh my god. 迷路 knows how to make your tummy happy!

I was eating while repeating to Shibby that the breakfast was much better than most breakfast I had in Australia. The bread, the egg, the hash browns, even the salad. Oh and their typical morning fruit smoothie!

Lovely breakfast at Casa Aperta

If you want to take it slow and easy and have a relaxing getaway in Kenting, this place is for you. You need to have at least half a day to spend in the hotel so you will not miss out the joy of staying here. This hotel is far away from the city centre and food. If you want to have the most convenient location, I would advise you to choose II Piccolo Polpo.

Anyway, they are both beautiful in different ways. One is seafront, another one is nestled among the quiet mountain overlooking the ocean from far. One is a quaint little hotel, another one is a huge pool villa with 'Santorini cave rooms'. Definitely highly recommend 迷路 hotels to whoever that plans to stay in Kenting.

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