24 Hours in Washington

17 April 2017

It was a perfect spring weather. I did not sleep much after landing into the capital city of the US, but thinking that I probably would not come back again so soon, I had to drag my weak body out of the room and went sightseeing.

After doing some research online, I decided to take a train alone to the city centre. This was my first sight out of the Smithsonian station. I started my self-guided walking tour from here.

United States Capitol (white building)

I was in between the Capitol and the Monument. By looking at the map in my hand, I thought I would first head to the Monument and then the Capitol later.

I was taking a leisure walk towards the Monument thinking that I would reach there in 10 minutes.

But I was wrong. I got to the Monument at least half an hour later.

Washington Monument

This was not the spot that I needed a photo. So I had to continue walking straight, and it took me another half an hour to get to the spot below! Like finally! Who told me it was 10 minutes?! ugh.

It was a perfect sunny weather and the colour was beautiful. Unfortunately it only lasted for 15 minutes.

When I was taking a picture, it suddenly started raining. Look at the clouds above.

Lincoln Memorial

This is a national monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. I had to take a shelter here and wait for the rain to stop. It took me 40 minutes until I could start walking back to where I came from.

It was almost sunset and I thought it was impossible for me to see everything, considering that the walk is not as short as I imagined.

World War II Memorial

The National World War II Memorial honors the 16 million people who served as part of the American armed forces during World War II.

As time was already late, instead of going back to the Capitol, I decided to walk to another direction to look for the White House. It was another LOOOOOOOONG walk.

Spotted an adorable squirrel!

It was a bit of a struggle to find the White House as the route shown on the map was closed by police officers.

You will pass by a lot of monumental architecture along the walk. At some points I would get confused which building is which.

White House
This was the best view I could get of the White House. It was all gated and guarded by armed officers. Trump are you in there?

After a long flight and a long walk today, I decided to head back to the hotel. Such a shame that I did not have enough time to get close the Capitol. Well probably next time when I have another chance to come back? :)


  1. The squirrel checking you out arh?

  2. LOL it was perfect timing for me to capture this shot.

  3. Hi, can i know who help you to take photo or you use tripod ? Haha

  4. Sometimes a colleague, sometimes a friend. Most of the time it’s tripod if I’m alone


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