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16 December 2018


Perth is not a new place to me. I've flown a few times to Perth for work, and also a few years ago I went to visit Mr Shibby in Perth (and that's when we started officially as a couple *blush). He used to live in Perth for 8 years. This time he went back to Perth to run some errands, so I joined him and his family to spend some great time together!

This is not my typical well-planned trip with packed activities and schedules. This trip was mainly to spend time together. It would make more sense for you to plan your own itinerary according to your preference and timing, though I hope this post will give you some ideas about where to go and what to do around Perth.

Travel Period: Oct 16 - Nov 1, 2018


Day 1 - Arriving in Perth

Day 2

Ootong & Lincoln 

After a well rested night and a lazy morning in bed, we woke up and had brunch at a Fremantle cafe called Ootong and Lincoln. We were attracted to the large rainbow Zebra mural outside the cafe and decided to check it out. As you drive down South Terrace, it’s a sight impossible to miss. Inside the cafe, its quirky vintage deco will quickly transport you back to the 70s.

After that, we went for dinner at Bullcreek Hawker (118 Parry Ave, Bull Creek WA 6149, Australia). This is a good choice if you are a Malaysian and you are craving for a taste of home while in Perth. Well, according to Mr Shibby, this place serves the best Malaysian food in the whole of WA. No joke, he says he used to have his lunch and dinner here everyday when he was a student at Murdoch University. Overall I must say I was impressed with the quality of the food. It really is comparable to the food you can find back home in Malaysia and it is easily one of the best if you go by Australian standards. But beware though this place is usually fully packed during peak hours! Be prepared to wait. We waited over 30 mins for a table and another 30 mins for our food to arrive.

Day 3

Claremont Quarter | Westfield Carousel 

Today was Mr Shibby's birthday! I gave him a surprise at 12am and he was sooo happy, especially with the Hotwheels. Happy birthday love!

It was raining today, we couldn't do much. So we went for shopping. Perth is not exactly known for its shopping. Australia in general isn’t known for its shopping, unless you are here for their fresh produce and supplements which are indeed cheaper.

But sometimes a lady just has got to do what a lady has got to do, especially when I was in desperate need of a pair of boots to match my wardrobe. My boots were broken because both the soles fell out at the KL Airport when I was ready to fly to Perth. It was the most embarrassing thing ever.

First stop: Claremont Quarter

Claremont Quarter is a high end shopping mall located in the leafy suburb of Claremont. Of course I didn’t buy anything from here. In fact I didn’t know why Mr Shibby brought me here. I prefer cheap and good things so I suggested that he bring me to a more “wallet friendly” mall.

So we went to the next mall which is the Westfield Carousel. This is apparently the biggest shopping mall in Perth and it just had a makeover recently. Malls in Australia are different from the ones in Malaysia. Over here a typical mall is spread over one huge gigantic floor unlike in Malaysia where shops are spread over multiple floors. So it can be a pain in the legs to get from one end of the mall to the other.

I love this mall it was so happening! There are Target, Kmart, Coles, and Woolworth, and many clothing shops here are my type. I could spend all day here! There’s a Korean food store too, and that’s where I managed to receive free instant ramen cups by just liking their Instagram profile. Yay.

After shopping, we went to this asian fusion restaurant in Northbridge - Lucky Chan’s. Don’t be fooled by its appearance though! On the outside it looks just like a laundromat but it is actually a restaurant behind those hidden doors. Very cool! Food wise it wasn’t up my alley but I did love the exotic bubble tea inspired cocktails. I love the LMBT. Make sure you order one if you have the chance.

Day 4

Blue Boat House | South Perth Esplanade 

Thanks to Instagram, Blue Boat House has become a tourist attraction on its own. According to Mr Shibby (again) the Blue Boat House has been around for ages but nobody paid it much attention until recently. These days long queues form all day long from tourists eager to snap a picture with this little boat shed. Personally for me though, it is indeed photogenic but there is really nothing to do there. So you have to decide for yourself if waiting 20mins for this picture is worth it. Getting there is easy. If you are driving, there is free parking right across on King’s Park Ave right off Mounts Bay Road. All you have to do is cross the road and you are there! 

Throughout my Perth trip, I was using the pocket wifi by Travel Recommends. They're quite reliable and easy to use. For Malaysians, whenever you need to travel, you just collect the device from KLIA/KLIA2 before your departure and return it to the same spot after your holiday ends. The counter is open 24/7 so you don't have to worry about its operating hours. 

Travel Recommends pocket wifi

What I love about Perth is how the city seems to be surrounded by water. The Swan river runs through the metropolitan area of Perth effectively cutting the city into half. Hence, there are many foreshores from which you can admire the Perth city scape. My favorite has to be the South Perth foreshore. From here you can take the perfect picture of Perth’s skyline. The best part is it is peaceful and quiet - free of tourists!

Now that it was dinner time, we decided to try out this Shanghai fried dumpling place I found on Instagram - Yang’s Dumpling. It’s located right next to Curtin University so you’ll find a lot of students in this area. Due to its strong Asian student population, you will find a wide variety of Asian shops around too! Bubble tea is my current favorite so I was happy to find a variety of bubble tea shops around.

Day 5 - Picking Up His Family 

Day 6

Heathecote Reserve | Cottesloe Beach | Fremantle Market 

Early morning before breakfast, My Shibby brought us to this Heathecote Reserve for a morning walk. This is where you will find the memorial of Heathe Andrew Ledger. I totally didn't know he used to live in Perth.

It is a very peaceful and quiet place for you to chill and enjoy your morning walk. But we were just too hungry we couldn't wait to leave for breakfast.

We then went to Cottesloe for breakfast. It was Shibby's old favourite breakfast place - John Street Cafe. It tends to be packed during meal times and we had to wait really looooong for the food to be served. Personally I thought the food was so-so.

After breakfast, we went for a few pictures at the nearby Cottesloe Beach. It was just too windy and chilly to stay at the beach. It would be perfect during late spring, I guess.

Having left Cottesloe, we went to the Fremantle market - where you will find arts, craft, gifts and fresh local produce. It's a perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend strolling from stall to stall and trying out different food.

I had some fresh fruits and Shibby's family bought some souvenirs from the market. After that, we visited the popular grocery store of Kakulas Sisters, where you will find different types of spices, nuts, flour, everyday groceries and some elusive foods that the larger stores do not carry.

They have every conceivable nut in various forms. If you're a nut lover, you have to drop by.

Today we finally went to try out the famous fish and chips in Fremantle! I've been to Perth so many times but this was my first time having their fish and chips, well partly because I'm not a big fan of fried/battered food. 

But now that the family is here, we've got to do what tourists do! According to many, Kailis' Fish and Chips is the best. So here we are!

We ordered a platter of mixed seafood. It was indeed gooood. I especially LOVE the battered scallops! Their seafood is fresh and yummy. You definitely have to try it out yourself!

Day 7

Sayer's Sisters | To Albany 

Breakfast time again! Today we went to Sayer's Sisters, a great little place for breakfast with super fresh produce. I really loved the food and this was probably the best breakfast I had in Perth.

Now with Shibby’s family in tow, we were headed to Albany for 2 days. The drive down south is relatively easy and straightforward. If you are driving down from the Perth city, just follow Albany Highway all the way for about 5 hours and you are there. Be prepared to clean your car after the drive because the whole front of your car will be full of dead bug splatters! No where else in the world have I experienced this, only in the Australian countryside.

After a whole day of driving, we finally arrived in Albany. It’s a small quiet town and people here are so friendly! We checked in to our serviced apartment in the evening and we just ordered some pizza for dinner.

Day 8

Whaling Station | Little Beach 

Today, we drove to Torrindup National Park which was about an hour away, only to find it closed! It was due to an incident which we later found out from the news, that a man had gone missing near the edge of the cliff at The Gap. Apparently, it’s a popular suicide spot. Also, there has been cases of people falling off the cliff when taking pictures. It touched a raw nerve in me as I feel guilty to have been one of those who would do anything for the perfect Instagram picture. Lately, I have come across so many news of tourists dying from selfie deaths. It reminds me to be careful and not take risks for pictures.

Feeling disappointed, we left and decided to try again tomorrow before heading back to Perth. So we went to the Whaling Station nearby. We didn’t really enter the exhibit but we were mesmerized by the scenery around. 

Whaling Station


After a few pictures, we went to Little Beach as it was highly recommended on the internet. When entering, we passed by a ticketing machine located on the side of the road. There was nobody around. I was quite confused at first, until we saw signs that explain the cost of entrance to the beach. So we paid $13 per vehicle. Be reminded that you can only pay with a credit card as no cash is accepted.

It was literally a little beach. There were just a few tourists around. It was a bit too chilly this time of the year for being out on the beach, so we just took a short stroll on the white sandy beach. Shibby thought it was beautiful and worth every penny. He kept talking about how white and smooth the sand was! So smooth that it squeaks when you step on it.

Little Beach

Day 9

Torrindup National Park (The Gap & Natural Bridge) | Back to Perth 

Early morning, just before heading back to Perth, we decided to give Torrindup National Park another try. To our pleasant surprise, we found it reopen to the public! Yay! However, there was still a heavy presence of policemen and SES personnel around. 

We were here for The Gap and Natural Bridge. They were both breathtakingly beautiful! If you have a fear of height, please be careful as the cliffs are pretty steep and high. As you stand on the viewing platform overhanging from the cliff, you will see strong waves slapping the cliff below you. I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to see this natural spectacle!

The Gap

Look how strong the waves are!

Natural Bridge

After that, we headed back to Perth. Be careful when driving at dusk or dawn. That is when kangaroos are most active. They have a habit of standing by the side of the road and jump out in front of you when you drive by. Many accidents have happened this way as proven by the multiple kangaroo roadkills on the road.

Day 10

Caversham Wildlife Park 

One of my favourite activities in Perth! Today we decided to visit the Caversham Wildlife Park as recommended by Mr Shibby. This place showcases many of Australia's unique native animals, including koalas, quoakkas, Tasmanian devils, wombats, bettongs and blue tongue snakes. I have never seen that many exotic animals in one place.

I love how it's not just like a typical zoo that I've been to. Here I got to get up close and interact personally with all these lovely animals. I feel this is a much better experience compared to the one I had in Brisbane Koala Sanctuary. Here, I got to milk cow, touch and take pictures with koalas, feed kangaroos (free unlimited food supply), get up close and take pictures with a wombat, and many other interesting experiences.

The entrance fee is 29 AUD for an adult. Trust me it's worth the money. We spent the whole day in this wildlife park.


Sheep shearing

Be aware of the goats! They bite your clothings. There are a few holes in my skirt now. *sigh


The cutest koala!

Day 11

Chu's Bakery | Hyde Park | Watertown Brand Outlet | Hay Street CBD 

I still remember visiting Chu's Bakery during my previous trip with Mr Shibby. I will never forget this bakery because 1) Chu is what my colleagues used to call me. It sounds like my own bakery. 2)  We had one of the most unforgettable moments here as a new couple. It just brings back so many sweet memories. 3) They have really delicious bread and pastries!

I didn't even know this was a famous bakery. It was Shibby's sister who suggested to come here because of all the good reviews on the internet. 

As usual, we bought some hot beverages and pastries, then walked across to the Hyde Park to slowly enjoy our breakfast in the nature.

Reminiscing our memories

After a quick breakfast, we went to the Waterfront Brand Outlet mall for shopping! I swear I almost couldn't stop buying because of all my favourite Aussie style fashion pieces which I can hardly find in Asia. I was too busy shopping I didn't take any pictures. So please forgive me for the lack of visuals right here lol.

Day 12

Kakulas Brothers | King's Park 

Before sending Shibby's family off, we dropped by Kakulas' Brothers to buy more nuts and crackers so they had something to snack on on the plane later. It's a grocery store very similar to Kakulas Sisters. 

On the way to the airport, Shibby insisted on bringing the family to visit King's Park, which he thinks is a must-see in Perth. There wasn't enough time at all to stay longer but we managed to take some 'tourist' pictures here. If you have time, it's recommended to have a picnic at the park and enjoy perfect view of the city. At night, you can choose to just sit on the grass, chill and stargaze with your friends or loved ones. I've done it it's cool!

After a few quick shots, we sent the family to the airport, who apparently had to leave earlier to go back home because of work.

King's Park

When you're in a rush you can't focus right with the camera :P

Day 13

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour | Bather's Beach 

Today we came to Fremantle again. We spent the late afternoon walking around Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and Bather's Beach, which is a very small city beach perfect for sunset viewing. And guess what we had for dinner - of course fish and chips again! This time we went to a different shop to compare the food. All the restaurants were full so we picked Sweetlips. To be honest, Kailis' is still better in my opinion, I prefer their fresher seafood. 

Coincidentally after dinner, we saw fireworks at the harbour. It was the Blessing of the Fleet festival.

Bather's Beach 

Sweetlips fish and chips

Fireworks at the harbour

Day 14 - Staying in 

Today was a do-nothing day. We just stayed in after so many days of being out. 

We wanted to have Tim Ho Wan for dinner, but sadly it was closed by the time we got there. It was only 9pm. That's the difficult part of staying in Australia - most shops and restaurants are closed at 5pm! It's hard to find a good food place if you are hungry at night/midnight. For some reasons, we Asians love to hunt for food late at night or go for supper, which is probably considered to be unhealthy for ang-mohs. 

Thankfully, we managed to find a good HongKong street-food-style restaurant, which is called Billy Lee's Chinese Restaurant. It's located in Northbridge and open until 2 or 3am!

Day 15

Elizabeth Quay 

Elizabeth Quay is a newly developed area in the Perth central business district. The city of Perth has finally been connected to the waterfront by this new Elizabeth Quay area, where you will find the landmark Swan Bells and the pedestrian bridge, an iconic architectural feature of the quay. This place is still slowly building as to what is available. You can take a nice stroll, take pictures, enjoy all the art sculptures, and have a coffee in one of the shorefront cafes.

It can get really windy here though, so bring a jacket.

Day 16

Araluen Botanic Garden | London Court 

Araluen Botanic Garden is a hidden garden up in the eastern hills, 35km away from Perth. Depending on the season, you will see displays of different flowers and shrubs around the garden. I heard it's beautiful during the tulip season, which was literally just over when I got there. There were some roses and other flowers when I was there, however it wasn't spectacular. I wish I'd seen more flowers. But it is still a great place for pictures! 

After visiting the garden, we went back to the Perth CBD and took a stroll along the London Court. London Court is a historic Perth landmark featuring Tudor style architecture, where you'll feel like you are in Europe. It's mixed with little tourist shops and coffee shops. Even if you are not buying, it's worth a walk through just to say you’ve done it but don’t expect to spend long here.

London Court

Day 17

The Pinnacles | Lancelin Sand Dunes 

I had been wanting to visit the Pinnacles for the longest time. This time Mr Shibby agreed to drive me there. It's a 3-hour drive from Perth! 

The Pinnacles is a true desert landscape in Nambung National Park, where the weathered rock spires rise out of yellow sand dunes.

There's an entrance fee of 13 AUD per car you have to pay. Once here, you can walk or drive past the scenic ancient limestone pillars. It's usually more crowded once you enter. Drive further down and you will find less busy spots for pictures.

Not far away from the Pinnacles, there's the famous Lancelin Sand Dunes, which is a popular spot for sandboarding. Featuring pure white sand dunes, even if you don't plan to sandboard, the Lancelin sand dunes are must on your Western Australia adventure at least for some cool pictures. And the best part is, it's free to enter! It's open everyday from sunrise to sunset.

From far it looks like a snow landscape. It's suitable for 4 wheel driving, trail bike riding and quad biking. Don't worry, even if you don't own a 4 wheel drive, you can still drive your ordinary 2 wheel drive right up to the edge of the sand dunes, like what we did.

It was already sunset when we were there. I was quite worried at first for not being able to capture anything, but surprisingly it was extraordinarily beautiful with the colours of sunset! I highly recommend you to be here during sunset to see the colour changes on the white sand dunes. But do not stay until the sky turns totally dark, where you will find it hard to look for the way out of the sand dunes because there are no lights to give you a clear direction. You don't want to end up stranded in the middle of the desert at night.

Especially love the sky when it turns purple and pink!

Day 18


Finally my 2 week holiday in Perth came to an end. There are still many places to see and things to do around here, and I cannot wait to come back to explore more of Western Australia in the future!

Have you been to Perth? What is your favourite thing to see/do?

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