Milan Day Trip - Lake Como

8 August 2017


Third time in Milan (Click here to see my layover in Milan)! Instead of exploring the city of Milan, I took a road trip to Lake Como with a few of my colleagues. Lake Como (Lago di Como) is one of the famous Italian Lakes destinations, not far from Milan in the north of Italy.

Well of course you can take a train from Milan, but because we wanted to have more flexibility, we rented a car. Train costs you less than €20 (return) and takes around 45 minutes each way. We had to pay more for the car because we rented a seven-seater. The cost depends on how many of you are sharing a car. We thought driving was going to be faster but we were wrong. The road between Milan and Como is very narrow and winding, so we could not drive fast. It took us around 2 hours to get to the destination. However, one good thing about driving is, you get the flexibility to stop whenever and wherever you want along the way. We managed to see some really beautiful views along the way.

Blown away!

Then we continued our journey before the sun sets. It was quite a rush for us because we left Milan at 5pm. We were expecting the sun to set at 9pm. We continued driving up north to Bellagio, a small village at the tip of a long hilly promontory between the two southern branches of Lake Como. Bellagio is a must when you come to Lake Como, as it's called the 'Pearl of the Lake'.

It was great to visit this beautiful lakeside town. However I personally feel it's good as a one time thing. It's not a place I would return. What do you think?

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