48 Hours in Athens

22 August 2016

I was lucky to be given an Athens with a layover of 48 hours! I couldn't do much on the first day as I was too tired from work. On the second day, I went sightseeing alone and it was fun!

Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens

Athens Flea Market

Can you spot Acropolis in the picture above?

Greek salad

An entrance fee of €20 to the Acropolis
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus


Stunning view of the city from the Acropolis

The weather was really hot and it was quite crowded in Acropolis. After a few hours of walking around and sightseeing, I left trying to find the way to Temple of Poseidon. It was a nice stroll after exiting Acropolis, and you will find locals selling souvenirs and art pieces on the street.

Greek Moussaka - must try!
It took me quite some time to research and find out how to get to the Temple of Poseidon from where I was. Not being able to go online and get connected to the internet made it even more difficult more me. I had to look at the map, walk and ask around. I got lost so many times. I almost gave up when I was waiting at a random bus stop with no one around for an hour. Thankfully the right bus came eventually!

Took a 2 hour bus ride to the Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Poseidon
After so much effort, it was such a shame that the temple was already closed when I reached there. Well I spent too much time figuring out my way to get here. I should have done my research properly before leaving the hotel. I was literally 5 minutes late! The person-in-charge wouldn't let me in even though I was begging and telling her that I traveled two hours to come here. Eventually I could only see the temple from afar. It was a great sunset view though.

Hopefully I'll be able to come back again next time!


  1. Hi, pretty! May I know what's app u use for edit photos?

  2. Hi Jennifer, I use Lightroom.


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