24 Hours in Capetown

5 November 2015

I heard too much about how beautiful Capetown is. I didn't believe it until I really came here and saw it with my own eyes. Capetown is a coastal city in South Africa. It has beaches, mountains, harbours, picturesque landscapes, and even penguins just outside the city!

I had the chance to take a Cape Peninsula day trip this time, and the highlight is the southerly point of Cape of Good Hope. The dramatic cliff faces and ocean views will make you feel like you are at the end of the earth. Of course, the African penguins at Boulders Beach are not to be missed!

It was a very long day from around 7am to 4pm but it was never enough! Capetown is one awe-inspiring place I think everyone should visit.

Look at those beautiful mountains and picturesque beach communities.

Breathtaking view along the Cape Peninsula coast! I couldn't get enough of the sceneries I took all these photos from the car.

We were then brought to the Mariner's Wharf, a wharf on the shore of Hout Bay. There are some local shops and street markets selling food and handmade souvenirs. You can also take cruises in small boats to watch local sea birds and seals on Duiker Island from here.

Next, we came to the Cape of Good Hope, the highlight of the day trip!

It felt so good to be at the top of the high cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope, and imagine those early days when sailors had to navigate this coast on their way to India. This is an awe-inspiring place.

Some people call this the most southerly point in Africa, some disagree with that. Still, the Cape of Good Hope is a major tourist attraction, and you’ll almost certainly want to have your photo taken with the iconic wooden sign.

African penguins at Boulders Beach

When you're in South Africa, you eat meat and steak.

I'm in love with Capetown. I promised myself to come back here for a holiday as I know there are too many places to see and things to do here.
How is a one-day layover enough? <3

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